Shortlisted for Kids Frame of the Year Award

The NB Geo Pantos Chunky Kids Model has been shortlisted for the Frame of the Year Award

The NB5068 180° Geo Pantos Chunky Kids Model| Made from a BIO-BASED ECO-FRIENDLY CELLULOSE ACETATE, excludes harmful chemicals and synthetic plasticizers, the Bio acetate easily breaks down, lessening the harmful effects on the planet, but offers the same high quality as regular acetate. ​

Designed for kids and offers unisex appeal and sport attitude. This model features New Balance “180° Hinge Technology” and reversible rubberized logo detail!

The heavy-duty spring hinge system allows the temple to flex 180 degrees perpendicular to the frame front, providing additional frame flexibility, long-wear comfort, and a more customized fit. In addition, NB5068 incorporates bold sport colours combinations and a neat, fun feature with its reversible rubberized NB logo details. The model is sized at 46-18-130. Ideal for the younger patient who has an active lifestyle and sporty attitude!